There's a new nut in town!

Taste of the South
Regular - Plain salted Boiled Peanut that add just a touch of flavor to an otherwise naturally plain peanut. This peanut is for folks that don't like spicy foods but enjoy a healthy protein packed delicious snack or meal.

Cajun - Considerable spice up front with a flavorful kick on the back end, this boiled peanut is definitely a crowd favorite. The delicate balance of habanero and garlic really make this an interesting tasting boiled peanut. If you like spicy foods and enjoy a slight tingle in your mouth, this is the peanut for you.

Thai Chile - Moderate spice that is balanced out with a touch of sweetness by the cinnamon, clove and anise. People that enjoy eating semi-spicy foods and enjoy a boatload of flavor are big fans of this peanut. This flavor started out as an experiment and it has really caught fire and seems to be my most popular boiled peanut.

" Have Peanut Cart, Will Travel

"Peanuts to the People!"
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