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My name is - - - - - and I love the outdoors. Growing up between the pines in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia and being fortunate enough to always live near creeks and rivers, I have always been an explorer. "Whatís around the next bend of the creek, whatís over that hill across the way, how far into this dark cave can I go", always excited about what was to be found around the bend.

Three decades later, I find myself still exploring and Iím always wondering what awaits for me around the corner. My University of Georgia diploma says a little bit about me, but my fly fishing rods on the wall, the skis in the corner and the ice axes above my record player say a little bit moreÖ

My true desire lies not in closing mortgage loans or banking, like I fooled myself into believing after graduating college. I find myself most comfortable next to a broad Western freestone river, sitting on top of a majestic snowcapped Colorado peak or relaxing next to a small stream surrounded by ponderosa pines and gazing up at the aspen glades.

Maybe itís the soft sound of golden aspen leaves quaking in the fall or the silence of a winter snowstorm, the raging river torrent during the spring runoff or the distant laughter from kids playing in the river all summer long. These sights, sounds and experiences of Colorful Colorado remind me that this is where I am supposed to be and I have a sincere desire to share these moments with others.

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